Ways to Deal with Separation Anxiety for Rescue Dogs

Rescue DogWhat are some ways to help with Separation Anxiety for Rescue Dogs?

Fostering and adopting a shelter or rescue dog, while very noble, does come with its challenges. It doesn’t matter if you adopted a Lab, a Greyhound, Ridgeback, or a Mixed-breed, they all have one thing in common: they’ve experienced some unique & often difficult circumstances that caused them to be a shelter/rescue dog. We’ve experienced this ourselves after fostering 12 different dogs from different rescue groups. Our last foster dog was a “foster fail” (we adopted him❤️!).

Many rescue dogs come with “baggage” in the form of physical and/or mental issues oftentimes due to neglect, abuse, or lack of training from their former owners. The older the dog, the harder and longer the journey is to get these rescue dogs back into a form of normal and happy lives.

Many of the rescue dogs will have a form of anxiety which is commonly referred to as separation anxiety. They’ve likely bounced through a few foster & other temporary “homes” before they were lucky enough to be adopted by you. (And God bless you for adopting them!)

Dog Running on beachExercise

To help with separation anxiety, we have found a tired dog is less likely to show anxiety symptoms. And by tired we mean plenty of walks, runs and playing with other dogs if possible. A tired dog is also less likely to “look for trouble” and tear up stuff in your house (usually out of boredom or anxiety).






Top 3 Homemade Dog Food RecipesFood

Another factor in helping with rescue dog anxiety is their diet. Cheaper mass-produced dog foods or kibble can add to a dog’s issues both mentally and physically. If possible, find a premium dog food but also consider switching your dog to a balanced raw food diet.

Check out these article for more info on dog food:

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Dukes Naturals 1000mg Organically Grown Pet Dog CBD Hemp Extract Tincture copyCBD

July Fourth is a stressful holiday for a lot of pets. Just like humans, cats and dogs can live with arthritis and anxiety, and one of the most stressful holidays of the year for anxious pets is the Fourth of July.

Fireworks can be very stressful for anxious dogs because of the sudden loud sounds. This can release adrenaline and stress hormones that tell their instincts to run. Unfortunately, that means a lot of dogs run away and go missing over the Fourth of July weekend.
With Independence Day coming up, a lot of pet parents are considering CBD Oil to calm their dogs during fireworks.

Additionally, many rescue dog owners have had success in giving their dogs CBD Oil.  CBD Oil from Hemp Extract interacts with a dog’s Endocannabinoid System(ECS). The ECS’s primary function is balancing all of the other systems of the body and for many dogs that are “unbalanced”, CBD Oil can help them get back to a balanced life.



Duke Boyd Lake
Duke in Colorado

A great example is Duke. Duke is a rescue Rhodesian Ridgeback from Texas who spent most of the first 10 months of his life on a run lead. His owners could no longer handle him because he was jumping and generally “out of control”. After being fostered and then adopted, his new owners put him on CBD (after speaking with their vet), changed him over to a raw food diet, and began training him and working with him every day. In less than a year, Duke went from being un-walkable to traveling over 6000 miles on an RV trip, hiking beautiful trails in Colorado, Wyoming, Montana & South Dakota. Some of those RV travel days were over 8 hours on the road!





Monty Rescue Greyhound
Monty – Rescue Greyhound

Another example is Monty, a greyhound rescue. Monty exhibited high anxiety and stress when
inside the house. He was very nervous to walk down hallways, between living room furniture, and even doorways. Interestingly, he was very comfortable and in his element outdoors. They tried training techniques, homeopathic medicines, and essential oils, to no avail.
After a few months on CBD, Monty now enters the living room and is able to be more relaxed indoors!

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