Puppy Bloating After Eating Too Fast

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Is Your Puppy Eating Too Fast?

When my puppy sees and smells food in her dish, she runs for it like this will be her last meal. Few seconds later all the food is gone. She inhaled the puppy food without even chewing it.

Eating too fast can cause gas and or bloating in puppies and dogs. Gas or bloating is caused by your puppy swallowing a lot of air when they are eating too fast. One way to tell if your puppy is bloated look at the stomach of your pup. It will be extended out or swollen. The bloating of the stomach puts pressure on the organs which can cause a lot of serious problems and can lead to death.

Eating too fast can also lead to vomiting. Your puppy may throw up some of all the food he just swallowed.

This was happening to my puppy, she was getting bloating and gas. At first I tried feeding her by hand to slow her down. I would sit with her for 15minutes and give her a little bit of puppy food at a time. I did this for a week for 3 meals a day.

This became too much for me. Then my neighbor recommended a slow feeder dog bowl. This bowl comes in two different sizes small and large, different colors and different patterns too. My puppy loves maneuvering her mouth over the patterns. It is like she is playing a game, so it’s fun for her. The bowl’s puzzles that challenge your dog while helping them digest their food and helps with bloating and gas.

This bowl has slowed down my puppies eating her meals. In the begging she would swallow her food 15 second. She started out with the maze bowl eating around 15 mins, now at 5 months she eats he meal a little over 2 mins. I think with time she will learn to slow down or I need to buy the other pattern that she didn’t figure out yet.

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When you want to clean your bowl, simply place the bowl on the top rack of your dishwasher. It will come out clean and free of germs.

Here is the video of her eating from the Outward Hound Fun Feeder Slow Feed Interactive Bloat Stop Dog Bowl

If you want to try a different pattern bowl, here is another Slow Feed Interactive Bowl that has a circular pattern.

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